Congratulations, Peter!

We are more than thrilled that our owner and fearless leader Peter Moyes recently received the Rick Isbister Memorial Award for Community Development, during the Merritt and District Chamber of Commerce Excellence Awards! It is awarded to "a person that has demonstrated outstanding leadership, vision, and commitment to the overall quality of life in Merritt & the Nicola Valley" - and we could not agree more!

Peter and his family have always been huge supporters of the Nicola Valley, and their support goes back over 100 years.

In the early 1900s, Peter's maternal grandmother built the first Grand Hotel, soon followed by her brother building the Adelphi Hotel; the paternal side of Peter's family was equally busy, with his grandfather opening Peter Moyes Agencies to sell insurance, and being appointed Provincial Magistrate in 1952. 

After WW II, Peter's father Ken started developing real estate, and contributed considerably to the way Merritt looks now - with buildings like Kengard Manor, and homes in the Seyom Crescent and Langley Street developments.

Peter remembers that, when he was in his late 20s, people would often tell him that they would have never become home owners, if Ken Moyes had not made it happen. Ken has always believed that Merritt is a good place, and his support of the valley and its residents was unwavering.

Especially during his teenage years, Peter often questioned the decision to stay in Merritt, and not to move to a bigger city - but his father would not have any of it. He insisted that the Nicola Valley was the best place to be, and Peter soon realized the value of community and joined Moyes Realty in 1973. 

Later on, Peter - and his business partner Fred Riley - consolidated the two lumberyards in town, and expanded their downtown location, to offer the most comprehensive service to their customers and contractors.

During the 80s and 90s the store changed labels several times, going from a Castle Building Store to Ace Hardware and Beaver Lumber. In 2001 we finally found a permanent home with the Home Hardware group. After an expansion by 5000 sqft. in 2006 and an addition to the yard and drive-through shed in 2008, Merritt Home Hardware Building Centre reached its current size at the Voght Street location in downtown Merritt.

Outstanding leadership, vision, and commitment have always been a constant for Peter, and he continues to be a huge supporter and ambassador of Merritt and the Nicola Valley. Congratulations, Peter!