The team at Merritt Home Hardware - meet Jim Ball

It's part 3 of our "meet the team" blog post series, and we're thrilled to introduce you to Jim Ball!

Jim has been a part of our team since 1991, and even though he attempted to retire a few years ago, he could not stay away and now reinforces the team part time.

But let's start at the beginning: Jim is the resident Brit at Merritt Home Hardware. He came to Canada in 1981, and first settled in Ashcroft, BC. 

Back then, immigration required a home and a residence, so Jim arranged to buy a house and a business - and came to Ashcroft owning a home and a Taxi firm!

Always a willing model for our Deal of the Week....
Always a willing model for our Deal of the Week....

... and a volunteer to try out new products.
... and a volunteer to try out new products.

Imagine that - an Englishman, driving a cab - not in London, but in Ashcroft BC. We're so glad it happened this way, because 10 years later, he finally joined our team.

Of course the team was only 5 members strong in 1991, and we were not operating under the Home Hardware label yet - but Jim remembers the days of Seyom Building Supplies fondly.

In fact, over the last 24 years, his favourite thing about being a part of the team was always the team itself. When you ask him what the best part about working at Merritt Home Hardware is, he'll always say: "The people I work with."

Of course he also adds that it was a lot easier back in the day, when he only had to remember the names of 4 other people, as opposed to 30 team members now... {said with his signature British wit, one of the things we just love about Jim!}

Jim currently reinforces our inventory team, and fills his days with stock orders, price changes, seasonal promotions, counting inventory, ... - exciting stuff, that's for sure!


It's a bit of a change of pace to the job he had before - for many years, Jim was the go-to guy at the Service Desk, with his vast knowledge in plumbing, electrical, and pretty much anything else our customers needed to know for their DIY projects.


Now our inventory team has snatched him up, and they are not letting him go - after all, Jim knows every single product in the store, that kind of comes with the territory after 24 years. Of course Jim is still happy to answer any questions our customers have for him, and take the time for a little chat!


When he's not working at Merritt Home Hardware, Jim enjoys gardening, hunting, fishing, cooking, and fixing things - and we have no doubt that he's just as great at that, as he is at being a part of the team!