The Team at Merritt Home Hardware - meet April Garcia

We're thrilled to start a new series on our blog - an introduction to the awesome team at Merritt Home Hardware.

We'll be introducing and profiling our team members here, and give you a little glimpse of what it's like to be on the Home Team, and what our people are up to beyond providing excellent customer service to you.

Our retail manager, April Garcia, agreed to go first!

She has been with the Merritt Home Hardware Team since 1998 (!) and, like most of our team members, started as a cashier.

April has had a chance to work in every single department in the store, and has a wealth of information to share; from product codes to vendor information to delivery times - there's not much that she won't have an answer to!


Her passion is to provide excellent customer service to our community, and have fun doing it. Always upbeat and positive, April manages to motivate her team to excel on a regular basis. Under her leadership, the Merritt store has been recognized as being part of the top 10% Home Hardware stores in British Columbia for several years running and has earned excellent scores in our yearly store evaluation.


The store has become April's second home, and the Home Hardware family is her family - literally, since she met her husband at the store and he's our Contract Sales manager! 

The relationships she has been able to build are April's favourite thing about working for Home. And it's not just the connections she has made with the Merritt community and our customers, it's also the relationships within the industry. Manufacturers, vendors, and distributors are a vital part of our store being able to bring you the products you want, and strong relationships are what keep the information and products flowing!



Being a part of the Home Hardware network also means access to a huge net work of learning opportunities - and April always stays on top of industry news and product launches.


Outside of work  - and yes, there is still an "outside of work", even if the store is April's second home - she loves to be outdoors, go camping, go fishing, and go ATVing. April is also an accomplished horseback rider, and has inspired her older son Bryce to take up riding - and the rodeo! - as well. 


When you're in the store, stop by for a little chat with April - she's always looking for feedback from our customers and for ways to serve you better!