Time to get organized!

The new year is here and with it often come resolutions. One of those resolutions might be to get organized - and we have some tips for you to help you accomplish that!

As the new year starts with a clean slate, many of us get the urge to organize and declutter. But where do you start? Just the thought of it can sometimes be a deterrent... There is hope, though! Here are a few tips that will guarantee your success:

If you write down what you want to accomplish, you have a good starting point. Most importantly, set a starting date!

Next, try breaking down the project into 15 minute increments. That way it won't be  overwhelming and you can fit it in anytime - you'll be surprised how motivational this technique is!

If you are trying to declutter and reduce the amount of "stuff", make a deal with yourself before you start... this way you will be less likely to budge and keep everything after all. For example, you could resolve to throw out or donate everything that you have not used in more than one year. Or you could box and label items you have not used in a while and set a date to give them away by... Do whatever feels comfortable to you, otherwise you won't stick to it!

Start with a list!
Start with a list!

Get ideas of what is possible and available - this is a great website to browse and see examples of how to get your project done.

Most importantly - don't be too hard on yourself. After all - Rome was not built in one day either.