More great fall projects

We already featured a great fall project in last month's blog, and this month we have a whole bunch more!

Today, we want to feature one crafty, quick project - and one that's a little more involved... one is a fall decorating idea and the other one a kitchen island. Have a look!

The "I don't want to be a Pie" tablecloth project is courtesy of our Home Expert Bev Bell (you can download the pumpkin stencil by clicking on the left picture above!):

Transfer a photocopied black and white image (must be a photocopy - straight from the original print will not work) with Goof Off®, Q-tips and a spoon! Simply place the image in position good side down, dip a Q-Tip in Goof Off. Rub a small amount on the back of the image and immediately rub with the back of a spoon. Continue the process until the image is transferred. Before removing the photocopy, make sure the image has been transferred. If not, simply rub again with Goof Off. Stencil phrase using black latex paint and mini-alphabet stencil.

You need:

  • natural canvas drop sheet 1643-350
  • stencil mini-alphabet 1682-623
  • Goof Off ® 4522-378

The kitchen "island retreat" is a bit more involved - one of our Home at Home DIY projects. You can see the complete instructions and download the detailed drawing by clicking on the right picture above, or by clicking here

As always- if you need any help, our team at the Merritt Home Hardware store is always happy to help! Stop by today or give us a call and get started with your next project!