Paint Recycling!

Did you know that we are a PaintsPlus Recycling depot?


In addition to the LightRecycle, AlarmRecycle and Call2Recycle Battery Recycling we accept paint, paint and pesticide aerosols, pesticides and flammable liquids and solvents in cooperation with the Product Care Stewardship Program.


Any program that deals with flammables or potentially harmful substances needs to be subject to strict regulations to ensure everyone's safety.


For that reason, there is a list of items that cannot be accepted under the program and our staff will take the time to verify the eligibility of any returned product. We won't be able to accept damaged containers, or paints/liquids that are not in the original container (like paint in a glass jar), as well as unlabelled containers.


We will be able to take back any residential paint as well as any kind of spray paint. Latex and Alkyd paints are eligible for the program.


We also accept flammable liquids for residential use, that have the "flammable" symbol on them. Any returned pesticide must have the "poisonous" symbol with the skull and cross bones as well as a PCP number on it.


Come and see us for a full list of accepted and excluded items!