Home Hardware Beauti-Tip - All Decked Out


Before you get all decked out, though, there are two simple secrets to a long-lasting finish – quality stain and prep work. Together they’re a dynamic duo. Without them, you might be doing your
project again next year. We understand. Prep work is a bit like homework – beneficial but who wants to do it! However, since 90% of stain failure is due to lack of prep work, it’s key. Here
are the simple, easy steps to protect your investment for a lifetime of enjoyment.


If you are working with a brand new surface, always check moisture content to ensure that the wood has had sufficient time to dry. If so, you’ve earned a pass all the way to the Shiny is Out step! If the surface is not new, you got it – it’s step one for you!


To strip or not to strip

Deep down, you know it! If your existing stain is 30% to 50% peeling it is best to remove the coating and start fresh. Natura Safe Strip effectively removes stain and paint from both horizontal and vertical surfaces. And, unlike sanding, it will not grind existing mildew deeper into the wood.


Green Clean

Your surface must be free from mildew, dirt and grease. Mildew sometimes cannot be seen, but if not removed it will cause the stain to peel. Assume it’s there and treat the surface with Natura Mildew Off. Next, remove grease and dirt with Natura Safe Prep. By the way, while your surface is
getting clean, the environment is staying green. All Natura products are formulated to be safe for the environment.


Get the Grey out

Wood needs a good facial before staining. That grey wood you want to cover up with stain is actually dead wood fibres that are sitting on top on the wood. If not removed, as soon as moisture penetrates, they, along with your new stain, will lift. Remove greyed wood with Natura Wood Prep or Wood Shield Wood Restorer.


Shiny is out

Stains need to penetrate to be effective. New wood will sometimes have sheen known as mill glaze, which prevents stain from penetrating. Simply sand with 80 grit sandpaper or use Wood Shield Wood Restorer.


Phew! Now that the prep work is done, it’s time to add the beauty. Choose between a semi-transparent stain which will allow the natural grain and characteristic of the wood to show through, or a solid stain which will penetrate the wood and highlight the texture of the wood. Beauti-Tone’s Wood-Shield semi-transparent is available in 60 colours and Wood-Shield solid can be mixed in virtually any colour.

Beauti-Tone is manufactured in Canada by Home Hardware in a full array of paints and stains. It is sold exclusively at Home Hardware - so your Merritt Home Hardware Building Centre is the place to go!


*this blog is part of a Home Hardware series to ensure your painting success*