Refinishing Furniture - a great Spring project

Yard Sale season is just about over for the year, but antiquing and picking are always in season; one way to add some pizazz to your home and have fun doing it is to refinish a piece of furniture.


A dresser, vanity or side table are small projects that can easily be tackled and don’t worry – it really is a simple process.


Chances are the piece you will be working with already has paint or stain and a sealer on it. There is no need to strip the existing finish, it should only be lightly sanded (the goal is to get rid of the sheen) and then wiped with a damp cloth. That’s it for prep and the painting can begin.


You can use a water-based, urethane-fortified paint like Beauti-Tone Cabinet and Furniture paint for an all-in-one finish, but you can also choose any other interior paint with the sheen you want. If you decide to go with an interior latex paint you can add some paste finishing wax for extra protection against scratches.


Now it’s time to get creative and have fun – use a darker base coat, like a bright turquoise and paint a second layer of a creamy white over top. Then wipe the corners or surface of your project piece to let the base coat shine through. You can also wait until the paint is completely dried and use sandpaper in a few different spots to give it a distressed look. The possibilities are endless!


There is no need to buy a whole quart of paint to refinish a piece of furniture.

Merritt Home Hardware has pint-sized Paint Pots available that can be filled with any colour (with a Velvet finish) foronly $ 5.00 – so plenty of possibilities, all in different colours!

Stop by the store and see Mischelle for ideas and how-to’s.