Health and Safety in your Home

Our homes should be an oasis of health and safety. We want to feel comfortable and look forward to coming home after a long day at work or school.


A healthy lifestyle will help us to feel better about ourselves and there are also a number of things we can do to make our

homes safe and healthy.




Allergies - Unfortuately the number of children and adults suffering from allergies is constantly increasing. With forced air furnaces being the prevalent method of heating in many homes, allergens and pollen from the outside get circulated through the air inside, along with dust and other particles.


A good way to reduce those allergens is the use of dust-stop furnace filters, which are available in different varieties and sizes. It is also advisable to have a professional duct cleaning done every 1-2 years. Finally, having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis is another important aspect of keeping your home allergen-free.





Bathroom Safety – taking a nice, relaxing soak in the tub is appreciated by many people at the end of the day.


Tubs can be slippery – not only for those of us who are getting older – and simple additions to your bathroom like anti-slip strips, grab bars and shower seats can make a big difference in comfort and safety.


Available in different designs and colours they are sure to fit every décor.


Cleaning – A daily part of home maintenance, cleaning is certainly not everyone’s favourite pastime (is it actually anyone’s?).


Even though there are no products available to make cleaning fun, there are some available which are environmentally friendly and safe to use, even around children.


The days of “green” products not having any cleaning power are over and a whole range of cleaners that are safe and effective are available. Natura and Green Works are two brands that won’t disappoint and will make sure your family makes it through flu season healthy.