Painting 101 - FAQs interior painting

Bathrooms - is that mould on my ceiling?


Not every dark stain in a bathroom has to be mould. If the stain has more of a brownish appearance rather than grey, it can be caused by the latex paint on your wall. Streaking or staining of latex paint is called 'surfactant leaching' and usually caused by high humidity in bathrooms. Surfactants are ingredients in paint, necessary for overall performance. Gently wipe with a wet cloth and mild detergent, no bleach required! Before repainting a bathroom make sure all walls are washed (and if necessary rinsed), and once painted give the paint a day to dry before using the shower.

Why is my paint not sticking to the wall?


Bad adhesion is a quite common problem, but there's hope - it can easily be avoided! If you wash your walls before painting be sure to rinse thoroughly. Or, even better, use a product that does not require rinsing, like Natura Safe Prep. Paint will not adhere to cleaning products or TSP!

Another common reason for adhesion problems is an existing glossy paint coat. If you prefer velvet or eggshell finishes and need to cover up glossy (or even semigloss!) paint, be sure to sand the surface to a dull finish.


What is enamel?


Contrary to popular belief enamel is not a type of alkyd (oil) paint, but rather refers to the durability of paint. Paint enamel is available in gloss, satin and even flat finishes - in alkyd as well as in latex. Oil and water-based, enamel is a highly durable and washable finish.


Can I repaint pre-finished kitchen cabinets?


Yes! And as usual - the prep is key!

Start by sanding the surface to a dull finish and wash thoroughly. Take off all hardware - if you want to change hinges or handles, fill the existing holes with wood filler. Prime the cabinets with Acrylok Primer (Acrylok is a high performance primer that will also seal stains). Paint your cabinets using 100% acrylic paint, like our Beautitone Cabinet and Furnitur paint. Apply two coats and make sure you allow enough drying time between coats.

Beautitone Cabinet and Furniture paint cures within seven days. Even though you don't have to wait that long until you "fill" your cabinets, it would be a good idea not to move around heavy pots or bowls on the freshly painted surface. Give the paint a chance to cure for seven days, and enjoy a lasting, scrubbable finish.