Painting 101 - the right preparation

The difference between a paint job gone wrong and a paint job turning out great is almost always the proper preparation. And the number one mistake is ..... you guessed it - not prepping at all!


Here are a few tips that will contribute to your painting success:

- wash your walls if you are painting your kitchen, bathroom, or any room that you smoked in or had a wood stove running


- in addition to washing, lightly sand the walls if repainting a bathroom


- if you have lots of patching to do on your walls (more than just a few pin holes), prime the whole room - his will keep the paint job from looking blotchy


- if you only have to patch a few pinholes, Drydex works great for that. It goes on pink and dries white, no priming required


- always prime the whole room if you are switching from a darker to a lighter color


- use tinted primer - it makes the job go way faster!


Try to use an environmentally friendly cleaner to wash your walls. There is a safe alternative to TSP, it's called Natura Safe Prep. It does not have to be rinsed, is odourless and contains no phosphates!